This deeply relaxing, safe natural therapy involves applying gentle massage and pressure to specific reflex points on your hands or feet.  The aims of Reflexology are to normalise the functions of the body, to balance the body and relax the body.  Reflexology is carried out whilst the Client is fully clothed.

As your feet mirror the anatomy of your body, all body systems and organs can be worked on through the feet.

You have approximately 7000 nerves in your feet which are stimulated during a reflexology treatment, hence gently massaging and applying pressure to your whole foot can help you deeply relax, unwind and de-stress promoting a sense of health and wellbeing.

This fascinating modality can be enjoyed by all the family, including infants, the elderly and during pregnancy.

Touching the feet to help the body rebalance is an ancient practice carried out by the Egyptians, the Chinese people and also the American Indians.

Reflexology treatments can also be arranged with La Fuma Reflexology Chair  in the comfort of your own home and at your place of work. For more information phone 085-161-0322.

Also available  Pregnancy Reflexology Sessions and  Adapted Reflexology for Cancer Care and the Elderly.