Cancer Care Sessions

Gentle, unobtrusive, mindful adapted  massage and  reflexology are  highly appreciated sessions available to  you and your family.  Providing substantial comfort and relaxation for you, during this time of your life.

I trained at Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services where I worked  as a Professional Volunteer Complementary Therapist for 20 months.  I am presently volunteering at St Francis Hospice.

I initially trained with Christine Clinton on a programme developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York which  has been found to help reduce the levels of anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.   I have taken further training in Aromatherapy and Reflexology for Cancer Care and Pallliative care.  I sometimes include “HEARTS” and the  “M” Technique in my sessions, depending on a persons preference on the day.   I have had the priviledge of training with world renowned Teachers and Authors including Rhiannon Lewis, Gayle MacDonald, Carol Donnelly, Dr Jane Buckle, Anne Carter and Christine Clinton.

I can offer you  this service at my home or yours, at hospital or hospice which ever is most comfortable for you.  At a time when you are most vulnerable and need to be cared for, no matter where you are in your chemotherapy or radiation programme,  a comforting adapted  massage,  reflexology  or aromatherapy session may be just what you need.   You will have an individual consultation and as with all sessions complete Confidentiality is assured at all times.

Essential oils aromas of  Neroli, Lavender, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Rose, Mint Bergamot  to name but a few can be included in sessions if you wish.   All essential oils and carriers will not contain ingredients, textures or fragrances which can prove irritating to those with already compromised skin or health. To ensure the highest  standard of care for you, and to deepen my knowledge of  Aromatherapy and first and foremost to work safely,  I have  trained in the use of Essential Oils for Palliative Care at the Milford Hospice, St Francis Hospice and in Provence with Essential Oil Resource Consultants.