Aromatherapy works holistically for  you as a whole person and not just the symptoms you  present with.  It is never used in place of traditional medicine but rather alongside it.


Encouraging deep relaxation and comfort in times of stress, encouraging your healing potential naturally, helping your  mind, body and spirit to find balance and harmony.



Nurturing and comforting aromas  may  help you to cope  with the symptom management of   anxiety and many stress-related conditions in particular,  Exam Stress, Neck and Shoulder Tension,  Migraine, Headaches, Insomnia and Fatigue, Skin Conditions, Sinusitis, Hair Loss to name but a few.   Together we will  select aromas  which are appealing to you on the day and these may be incorporated  in your session.


Your Complimentary Bath Oil, Body Lotion,  is free for you to take home and enjoy.